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Easy Communication

MXITS can ensure that you and your employees can easily communicate with each other from anywhere in the world. We can enable your systems to be able to utilise the features in your mobile phones, laptops and even internet kiosks to make sure you can get to the information you need when you need.

System Implementation

We have a long history of performing upgrades and implementing new systems in a wide range of environments. We have developed methodologies enabling us to perform the required changes in a manner that ensure there is minimised down time and data loss for your business.

Network Monitoring

MXITS pride ourselves on making sure the services you need are available when you need them, we have built our own software to ensure that when a problem first appears we are notified the moment it happens. Through proactive monitoring, we are able to detect and resolve problems before our clients business’s have been affected.

Data Security

Ensuring that your company’s sensitive data remains private can be a difficult task when you start wanting ease of access to your information. MXITS can fine tune your systems to provide access and ensure your information is secure.


Preparing now for potential system failures will minimise downtime and reduce costs to bring your systems back online. MXITS can develop disaster recovery plans that can cover you for most worst case scenarios. In the unlikely event of a complete system failure, MXITS provide disaster Recovery plans to put in place to decrease downtime and have you back up and running ASAP.

Anti-Virus and Anti-spam

The biggest concerns for most businesses at the moment are preventing viruses, spyware and spam getting into their networks. These threats cost money to remove and can cause costly data corruption or destruction when they get in. MXITS work closely with reputable companies that have spent considerable amounts of time and money developing the required products to address these concerns.


Minimal interruption to business continuity

At MXITS we can monitor your system infrastructure 24/7 and prevent problems before they impact your bottom line.