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Risk Management

Risks cannot and should not be eliminated; neither must they be ignored because the potential rewards of success usually increase as the risk increases. However, opportunities and risks must be understood and managed for success. MXITS can help manage the risks and position you and your organisation for competitive advantage and increased rewards.

Disaster Recovery

Will your technology infrastructure live up to the challenges of business interruption? You can give your IT function the best chance of success with a Disaster Recovery Solution from MXITS. We can help you plan and build a resilient yet flexible IT infrastructure that meets the requirements of your business.

Business Continuity Management

Can your business continue to operate after a major disaster? Business Continuity Management is about developing strategies and plans that provide protection or alternative modes of operation for the most critical business activities and services. MXITS can assist your organisation to identify risks, determine treatment and manage the impacts and outcomes.

Information Security

Information is the “life-blood” of an organisation. If information is lost, corrupted, or misused, the impact to an organisation could be serious, perhaps terminal. MXITS can provide security audits, threat & risk assessments (TRA), risk management and security management to help you ensure your information is kept safe.

Strategic Planning

MXITS’ Strategic Planning Service provides businesses with professional consultancy resources to develop IT strategy by aligning IT to the business goals and objectives. The key purpose of the consultancy is to provide businesses with a plan to provide business/IT synergies whilst reducing overall total cost of ownership (TCO), and delivering tangible returns on investment (ROI) in IT expenditure.

Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing services identify vulnerabilities that exist on your network and infrastructure, and provide you with a pathway to implementing the most effective protection. In order to provide flexibility in matching your organisation’s unique business, infrastructure, and budget requirements, MXITS’ Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing services can be customised to deliver an optimal outcome.


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