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System Analysis

Through close communication with all interested parties, from management through administration to end user, our development staff are able to build a comprehensive picture of your company’s larger goals as well as those specific to the application. This allows us to design a solution that is consistent with management goals, administrative needs, and user practices.

Software Development

Fast, efficient, robust and cost effective. We can develop custom software solutions for many different platforms including Windows, Mac and mobile devices. We are also experienced in developing “cloud” based solutions that can be accessed from virtually any internet connected device. All of our applications are designed to be intuitive and easy to use by incorporating the business practices already in place, while guarding against incorrect data entries.

Accounting Systems Integration

Do you have an accounting package like Myob, Xero or Quickbooks that you would like to link to your business application or website? Perhaps you need some additional financial reports? MXITS has years of experience integrating existing solutions with accounting packages. You may be able to save valuable time and avoid errors by having information imported automatically into your accounting system, or by getting the reports you really need.

Data Transfer

One of the trickiest steps in implementing any new data management system is the transferring of data from an old system in a meaningful and secure fashion. Our development team have experience in checking data for inconsistency, corrupt or damaged records, and information gaps which would cause the new system to return flawed information.

Installation and Deployment

We produce simple installation packages which are easy to deploy. Our installation system also facilitate automatic updates, so that new versions and updates for our software can be rolled out with no user interaction in most cases. Our cloud based solutions typically require no installation at all, and any updates to them become available to everyone the instant they are implemented.

User Training

While every effort is made to ensure that the applications we develop follow current user practices and are intuitive in their function, there may be times when new innovations require specific training with our product. In these cases, MXITS will provide trained educators to teach users how to operate our application.


Our average customer saves 100K per year

As software developers, MXITS offers a number of services geared towards providing tailor made IT solutions to suit the needs of your business.