MXITS assisted their client to implement Windows Sharepoint Services as the platform for their intranet solution to enable staff to stay connected and productive by providing easy access to the people, documents and information they needed to make more informed decisions and run their business day to day.
MXITS also provided their client with customised training as part of the Windows Sharepoint Services implementation. A training program was provided for all the staff and they were shown how to navigate their new intranet and find resources easily. Power users were trained on the administration of their intranet, for example, adding and editing documents on line, adding links to pages, adding document libraries and creating custom forms to empower the client to take ownership of their intranet so that content remained up to date, thus providing the client with a greater return on investment.

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MXITS consulted with their client to determine business processes and company resources that needed to be captured and included as part of the Windows Sharepoint Services implementation. Inefficiencies were identified and reengineered as part of the solution.
Business issue
Being a victim of having disparate sources of paper based information throughout the company over three different states and multiple construction sites, a large project management firm within the construction industry found they were spending a large portion of the day devoted to trying to find corporate documents and resources. A flow on effect of not being able to locate information easily was the continual recreation of corporate forms and information when it could not readily and easily be located.
Faced with the problem of continually losing, searching for and recreating important company resources, a solution was sought after that would increase efficiently and the sharing of information across the company regardless of geographical location.
Following consultation with Microsoft Gold Partner MXITS, Microsoft Windows Sharepoint Services (Sharepoint) was identified as an ideal fit for the business needs and network environment.

Case Study

Microsoft Windows

Sharepoint Services

A large project management firm in the construction industry has been using the Windows Sharepoint Services platform as their

intranet solution to share corporate information MXITS solution and documents throughout the company

“It’s a significant boost to the business to have a collaborative intranet where our staff can add content and view changes in a live environment, all in one place. Geographical location provides no boundary to information sharing as all our resources are available online, via our intranet 24 x 7.

The implementation of Windows Sharepoint Services has provided a measurable improvement in departmental efficiency, document sharing and internal information discovery and reuse throughout the company.

Our intranet is now a tool that has allowed the company to disseminate, store and locate important documents and information easily and securely, all via a web browser”

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Microsoft Windows

Case Study

Sharepoint Services

Business Benefits

Immediately after MXITS implemented Windows Sharepoint Services, staff within the project management firm noticed a dramatic change to the way in which they went about their day to day tasks and responsibilities. Company resources were available to all staff online regardless of geographical location, all via internet explorer. The implementation of Windows Sharepoint Services flowed on to all areas of the business. Management measured a direct improvement in the productivity of staff as the inter office communication was opened, and this flowed on to communication with the clients.

About Windows Sharepoint Services

Improve team productivity with easy to use collaborative tools

Connects people with the information and resources they need. Users can create team workspaces, coordinate calendars, organise documents and receive important notifications and updates through communication features including announcements and alerts.

Easily manage documents and help ensure integrity of content

Document management capabilities including the option to activate document checkout before editing, the ability to view previous versions, and the control to set document and item level security, Windows Sharepoint Services can help ensure the integrity of documents stored on team sites.

Get users up to speed quickly

Integration with familiar tools including programs in the Microsoft Office System makes it easy for users to get up to speed quickly. Users can create, edit and post documents and view and update calendars on Sharepoint sites all while working within the Microsoft Office programs.

Deploy solutions tailored to your business processes

Microsoft Windows Sharepoint Services enables MXITS to rapidly implement intranet solutions customised for addressing specific business processes or tasks.

Provide sophisticated controls for securing company resources

Permissions can be set as deep down as the document or item level.

Robust storage capabilities

Windows Sharepoint Services supplies workspaces with document storage and retrieval features including a

“check out” and “check in” functionality, version control, custom metadata and customisable views. A recycle bin feature eases recovery of content and improved back up and restoration.

Scale your solution to meet your needs

Microsoft Windows Sharepoint Services can be easily managed using a web browser or command line utilities.

Provide a cost effective foundation for building web-

based applications

Microsoft Windows Sharepoint Services exposes a common framework for document management and collaboration from which flexible and scalable web application and intranet sites, specific to the needs of the organisation, can be built.

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