Case Study
Microsoft Small Business Server
A large construction company has installed Microsoft Small Business Server to increase security, flexibility and access speeds while reducing downtime. Microsoft Small Business Server offers fast and reliable email, local and remote file access and printing.
“Since MXITS implemented a Small Business Server within our company, we have noticed a great improvement in efficiency. Having one server for ur emails, printers, and essential business files really makes sense and simplifies things.

Microsoft Small business Server is an ideal IT solution for our company. aving the server onsite really improves file access speeds and the offsite backup solution implemented by MXITS gives us security and peace of mind that our data is safe.

MXITS has Microsoft Server and Desktop certified technicians and the ongoing service and support they provided us was very helpful. They set up our email and we were ready to go on the first day, thanks MXITS”
Name and company withheld

Business issue

As a large company assisting with pricing and tenders in the construction industry, a reliable, cost effective and centralised solution was required. MXITS analysed these needs and recommended Microsoft Small Business Server. All businesses need to look professional and the company was tired of dealing with unprofessional “small players” hosting their email and having lengthy and costly outages. Data security was also a major concern and MXITS look closely at these needs.

MXITS solution

The recommendation of Microsoft Small Business Server provided the company with many benefits right from the get-go. The backup solutions available provided the company with the security required, including off-site data storage, in-house hosing of email systems, along with the company’s domain name registration making for a professional looking and fast running business. All vital business files are available at the touch of a button, and the Remote Web Workplace feature allows remote sites to connect in and access company files and emails seamlessly.

Business Benefits

Directly after MXITS implemented Small Business Server, staff within the company noticed an immediate and dramatic improvement in business function, including:
‣ Email Speed
Email speed was much improved with the in-house email server and no need to connect across the internet to outdated, third part POP3 servers. Coupled with MXITS’ suggested network infrastructure, sending and receiving speeds can be significantly improved.
‣ Remote Access
Remote Web Workplace is a core feature of the Small Business Server package. Remote users are able to log in from anywhere they can access the internet and work on files directly on the server. Outlook Anywhere means that all staff, onsite or offsite can keep up to date with email and calendar synching on the road.
‣ Secure Backups
MXITS implemented a backup solution that suited the business perfectly. Backups were scheduled to run once a day and files can be restored within minutes of any problem occurring. Offsite backups are an option for additional security and the backup system is checked daily by an in-house MXITS technician.

About Microsoft Small Business Server Products

Microsoft Small Business Server is designed to integrate well with existing technology and hardware, building on Microsoft best practices and delivering a comprehensive network at an affordable price.