Case Study
Cisco 800 Series Routers
A large supplier in the food industry has installed Cisco products onsite to help decrease downtime and increase Network throughput for speedier email, internet access and network transactions.
“MXITS implemented a Cisco 800 Series Router in our business. This has completely stopped the constant costly dropouts and slowness we were having previously

The VPN features have allowed remote sites to connect in seamlessly and quickly. This works very well with our Remote connection server, and we no longer have to mess about emailing files back and forth- wasting precious time.

The combination of Cisco products and MXITS technicians has proven to be an excellent solution to our network infrastructure problems; we now have a fast, stable and reliable connection to the business world – essential for our ongoing profitability!Name and company withheld

Business issue

Being a supplier of essential food and produce to many South Australian restaurants and retailers, it was essential to have Business network connectivity as close to 100% as possible. With the company’s previous infrastructure, dropouts and slow speeds were a frequent occurrence. Following consultation advice from Microsoft Gold Partner, MXITS and their in- house Cisco technicians, a Cisco 877 router was selected as an ideal solution to the ongoing problems in the network environment.

MXITS solution

The award-winning Cisco 800 Series Integrated Services Routers are ideal for Businesses requiring secure WAN and LAN connectivity within their network. The integrated security and Annex M components ensure safe, secure and fast internet connectivity, eliminating previous bottlenecks and providing fast flowing email and transaction data to and from the company.

Up to 20 VPN connections available on the 800 series Routers ensures flexibility for growing businesses in today’s fast changing markets.

Business Benefits

Immediately after MXITS implemented a Cisco 800 series router, staff within the supply company noticed an immediate and dramatic improvement in network speeds, including:
‣ Email
Email speed was much improved with the Annex M feature taking full advantage of Australian ISP’s infrastructure, allowing fast sending and receiving of large attachments and other business related material.
‣ Remote Access
With VPN capability, the remote sites no longer had to email files back and forth to head office, allowing seamless connection to the Remote Access server, also configured by MXITS at the Head Office. Now site and office staff can work efficiently together and this reduces staff idle times.
‣ Internet Transactions
Secure, reliable transactions are a core feature of running a successful business. Cisco 800 series products ensure a stable, secure and fast network environment for web based and B2B transactions.

About Cisco 800 Series

The award-winning Cisco 800 Series Integrated Services Routers are ideal for businesses requiring secure WAN and LAN connectivity within their network at broadband speeds to offices or service providers to deploy as part of their managed network services.